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  • How much do your soaps weigh?
    our regular size bars weigh a minimum of 4 oz our wander bars weigh a minimum of 3 oz our whimsy bags have a total of 6 oz of different shapes, sizes, and scents of soaps our wonky packs have at least 3 different over 1 oz scents and weigh a minimum of 6 oz
  • Do you use your own goats milk?
    Yes! Yes, we do! Each morning and evening we milk our ladies. Some of them are easy going and some have a little bit of attitude (ahem Katniss, I'm talking about you!)
  • Do you make all the soap yourselves?
    Yes! Each bar is made by us (us meaning Cha Cha and I) She measures all the oils, weighs out the scent, mixes all the colors, and is the official dish washer! I create the bars and design, print, and cut the wrappers. The goat crew then wraps every bar of soap - while listening to music, of course! (Yes, they all get paid!)
  • Will your soaps make me happy?
    That is a question only you can answer. I can say from personal experience that these soaps do, in fact, make me happy! We want to spread happiness to those around us, it's more than just a bar of soap. Each bar is created with laughter, music, and love.
  • Why are you called Wild Goat Soap?
    These two! Mose Schrute, the goat and Hawk, the wanna be goat. Mose was a master escape artist and Hawk thinks he's a goat. He's also convinced he has horns and has been known to headbutt his siblings. They're my wild goats.
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